Biomimicrant Bass

by Biomigrant

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Español Abajo...
The Biomimicrant Bass album started last year,
On the coast of Belize
With a lil studio in my backpack
For the first time traveling without money
without the safety net, without the blinders cash provides

Came to meet the Garifuna people
An afro indigenous culture that's been sustaining themselves
abundantly with a certificate less permaculture
Since the survivors of a wrecked slave ship first came to shore and met indigenous women centuries ago
Or, depending who tells the story, since the explorers from Mali first made it to these shores, before colombus ever thought he'd made it to India

Spent several months bouncing between towns and villages
Helped by so many hands
Learning from and playing with some of the central figures in Garifuna music
And looking for the abundant village life I'd been described by other travelers

But globalization has hit hard in Belize, like so many other places
And now, with wealth defined as money
Things are changing quickly
People once rich in land, food, beaches, and culture
Find themselves suddenly poor for lack of paper
And the nonstop hollywood IV drip of Television, Radio, and the Internet
Is beginning to push traditional living, garifuna music and language
Out of daily life

The album was put together this year on the road
while bicycling from Guatemala to Colombia
Meeting the land and people a day at a time, on a human scale

All the sounds were recorded by hand
without synthesizers
Heartbeats, Cat purrs, and crickets
as kick drums, bass lines, and keyboards
working with organic ingredients and broadcasting a global mosaic of rhythms, languages, and stories
This album is a celebration of Garifuna music and knowledge
And an integration of the past with the future, nature with technology

We dance for the world we choose to create.

El Biomimicrant Bass ep se inició hace un ano y medio en la costa de Belice,
con un pequeño estudio de grabación en mi mochila. Por la primera vez, viajando sin dinero sin la seguridad, sin las anteojeras que viene con la plata.

Vine para conocer a la gente Garífuna, una cultura afro-indígena que estuvo sosteniendo se
en abundancia, en una permacultura sin certificación.
Desde el primer día que los sobrevivientes de un barco de esclavos llegaron a la tierra y se encontraron con mujeres indígenas, o dependiendo de quien cuente la historia, desde que los exploradores de Mali llegaron ahí, antes de que Colón pensara que había llegado a la India

Estuve un par de meses viajando entre pueblos con la ayuda de tantos manos aprendiendo y tocando con amigos y unos leyendas de la música Garífuna, buscando el pueblo de abundancia sencilla de que me habían contado otros viajeros.

Pero globalización ha golpeado duro en Belice, como en todos lados
y ahora, con la riqueza y bienestar definido como dinero las cosas están cambiando rapidito
Gente antes rico en tierra, comida, familia, playas, y cultura ya se encuentran ellos mismos pobres por falta de papel y la presión del televisor, la radio, y el internet ya está reemplazando a la sabiduría tradicional, la lengua y la música Garífuna.

El disco fue hecho en el camino mientras estuve viajando en bici, de Guatemala hasta Colombia
conociendo a la tierra y a la gente día a día, en una escala humana

Todo los sonidos se grabaron a mano.
No hay sintetizadores
Latidos de corazón, Purrs de gatos, y Grillos
como Bombos, Bajos, y Teclados
Instrumentos grabados por amigos en el norte, centro, y Sudamérica
Trabajando con ingredientes orgánicos y transmitiendo un mosaico global de ritmos, lenguas, e historias
Este disco es un celebración de la música y sabiduría Garífuna
y una integración del pasado con el futuro, tecnología con la naturaleza

Bailamos por el mundo que elegimos crear.


released November 29, 2014

Voice, flute, acoustic guitar, production: Mike Pipes
Contributing musicians-
Tomas Salcedo (California)- Electric Guitar
Dashmesh Khalsa (Arizona)- Didgeridoo
Samuel Wexler (Colorado)- Violin
Matute Lopez (Nicaragua)- Drumkit

Field Recordings of:
Garifuna Drumming: Gilla
Paranda Music/story: Paul Nabor
Narration/conversation: Ted Rino Mckoy

Artwork by Esbinote Baez

Released in partnership with KONN recordings:

Dedicated to Paul Nabor and the memory of Andy Palacio and Andrew Marks.
Recorded and mixed in friends´ studios, coffee shops, eco villages, and tents in every country between the US and Colombia...




Biomigrant Oakland, California

This music is an ongoing collaboration with the world around me. I craft beats from field recordings, re-appropriated media, and digital and acoustic instruments. I'm interested in shifting my own way of listening, tweaking the formula, jacking into the speakers, and dancing for something new. ... more

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Track Name: Bush Medicine
Mr. Jacob Amoah takes his lessons
from the jungle bush
Mixes them with methods
that he learned in western science books
From many miles they come,
hearing he cures HIV with bark of tree
In a world willfully blind,
he shows them that got the eyes to see

Show them that can see

Come to the jungle with open mind
and helping hands
Wise guests don’t come bearing lectures
Seek wisdom ‘stead from roots of man
We all have a few odd branches
Grafted to our family tree
Jacob Amoah was my father once
Ma Mercy’s gift forever walks with me

Show them that can see

Bush Medicine

Who out there can take the truth
And show it for the world to see
When the curtain comes down tonight
Jump right on up to talk with me
Its deadly to play doctor
With big pharmaceuticals as referee
Won’t be enough to act new plays
The game must change if we are to be free

Show them that can see

Bush Medicine